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Info / GiftCard

Gift Card

A special gift that anyone wants

Do you want to offer a special gift to your love ones? Give them one of our Gift Cards and let them choose their favorite products from the GERMAN OPTIK stores. 

Do you want to surprise your friends or your coworkers on their birthday?  Offer them one of the GERMAN OPTIK Gift Cards. Their values are 50, 150 and 250 RON and they are available in any GERMAN OPTIK store.

GERMAN OPTIK Gift Card - a gift appreciated in any occasion.


How does it work?

The Gift Card can be bought in any GERMAN OPTIK store.
The card is not nominal and is transferable.
This card can be used as payment method in any GERMAN OPTIK store.
German Optik Gift cards are not returnable.
If lost or damaged, they cannot be replaced and their value cannot be transfered or returned.
This card must be treated as a cash amount.

Terms of Use

Use of this card constitutes your acceptance of the terms of use.
This card allows the purchase of products sold in any German Optik stores in Romania. 
The Gift Card remains active for 12 months from date of purchase. After this period, the card will expire.
SC Diana Optik SRL is not responsible for lost, damaged or unauthorized use of Gift Card.
SC Diana Optik SRL reserves the right to make amendments to these terms of use without notice.