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oio kids

The premium children's glasses from the oio range are light as a feather, colourful, super tough and tailored 100% to the anatomy of the youngest glasses wearer. In terms of materials, oio relies on tried and tested TITANflex® technology. Because there's no other market where the advantages of this high tech material are quite as important as here; being light and resilient, they don't inhibit a child's freedom of movement. Just as one would expect from oio glasses. They're incredibly trendy and yield under pressure, lessening the danger of injury when playing or messing around. And because children have their own ideas of style, oio places great emphasis on the design. It's lively and cool  - just how children like it. Perfect for adults and their children, because if they like it, they'll wear it.
oio children's glasses are made for bright and lively boys and girls from 3 to 10, who are discovering their world and don 't want their spirit of adventure dampened by glasses. Oio children are active, adventurous and need glasses that'll go anywhere and do anything.