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High-tech meets design. The premium TITANFLex® brand is the embodiment of memory metal glasses that are synonymous with with a modern, seasonal, reduced and masculine design. In 2012 the TITANFLex® brand received two awards : the “IF material design award" and the “Red dot design award': The unique material with “shape memory" doesn't just combine technical characteristics such as sturdiness, tightness and flexibility. TITANFLex® also provides a perfect fit combined wth superb comfort.
The newly designed “Performance Design Technology” allows for complete freedom
of design. Glasses for all situations – making sure you're always perfectly equipped and styled.
TITANFLex® are the glasses for men. Modern and urban the TITANFLex® wearer expects a lot from life and from his glasses. He likes modern design combined with high quality materials and innovative technology. The TITANFLex® man has personality-which he emphasises with his glasses.