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fineline is unrivalled in its understanding of how to make females look good. The brand knows what the young at heart want and offers high-end frames manufactured from TITANflex®, titanium and stainless steel. The benefits of the renowned TITANflex® technology, combined with stylishly elegant design make fineline the perfect eyewear
for mature and active females - ultralight, attractive, authentic and high quality, The elegant colour palette of the ftneline collections underlines the refreshing and timeless design.
The typical fineline customers are females who are young at heart, confident and sophisticated. They live life to the full, are always keen to discover something new and
place great value on looking good. Because for them it's not a question of age. The flneline female knows what she wants: eyewear that is light and comfortable, underlines her personality and stands out from the rest in terms of exceptional quality and contemporary design. Fineline fulfils these requirements perfectly.