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About Us

Welcome to GERMAN OPTIK !

 The Visible Difference


In the past the eyewear were seen as simply functional objects. Nowadays, the eyewear represents an obvious reflection of the personality, of good taste and, last not least, of the lifestyle.

GERMAN OPTIK understood this change in attitude and consequently incorporated in its offer the ideal combination between design, creativity and functionality, all of these naturally supported by the quality of the brands they promote and the attentive selection of the products provided for different personalities. From feminine fashion and masculine distinction, to the unchanged classical and the ingenious styles for kids, you will definitely find in the GERMAN OPTIK stores the ideal products, appropriate to your personality. Whichever the design chosen by you, our products will guarantee your conform and pleasure in wearing them. Due to the special care we take for the assurance of our customers’ satisfaction, GERMAN OPTIK is always the first choice, for everyone.

For GERMAN OPTIK, the year 1998 represented the starting moment of its commercial activity, by launching, on the Romanian market, collections of eyewear and sunglasses of famous brands and not only.

Starting with 2005, it becomes the exclusive representative of ESCHENBACH company, a worldwide famous brand. The TITANIUM and TITAN FLEX range produced by the German company ESCHENBACH combine fashionable design and state-of-the-art materials with the ultimate comfort.

GERMAN OPTIK maintained along the years its addressability area and focused its attention on those variants that manage to provide the customers with the best alternatives, respectively eyewear of irreproachable quality and particular comfort in use.